The Slim Jim® Geo Lake Plate®  Heat Exchanger is the simple, labor-friendly alternative to polyethylene pipe (pond loop or lake loop) for fluid to fluid heat transfer in any water cooled refrigeration or air conditioning equipment (ponds/lakes/rivers/oceans).

The  Slim Jim® (304SS) or Geo Lake Plate®  (316L & Titanium) is the " POND LOOP IN A PACKAGE".

  • Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel* or titanium* (*requires special quote for pricing and availability)

  • Easy to install (labor friendly)

  • Easy to flush

  • No limit to job size - single to multiple units

The Slim Jim®  Geo Lake Plate® makes installation of GeoExchange in Bodies of Water as

Simple As It Gets!


Just Add Water !

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