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Slim Jim® Geo Lake Plate® heat  exchangers are rated using HEAT OF REJECTION (HR) COOLING

Slim Jim® Geo Lake Plate® heat exchangers also work very well for HEAT OF EXTRACTION (HE) HEATING

Flow Rate:  Three (3) GPM per ton Heat Pump equipment

Approximate Heat Transfer Rate: 100 BTU per Sq. Ft. transfer surface of plate per degree Delta T in still body of water.  Both sides of plate are exchanger surface.  (Note, any current accentuates performance greatly and allows for closer grouping of multiple plate assembly - such as river applications)

Example: SJ-03T Plate

4' x 5' x 2 = 40

40 x 100 = 4,000

4,000 x 10 ΔT = 40,000 BTU approx. Heat of Rejection

It is extremely important, especially in a heating dominated environment, to ensure you have enough plate surface area to handle the heating load.

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